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Need a helping hand?


Running a business is full of challenges and mentoring is an effective way of helping you to overcome barriers to growth and maximise your potential.  Our tailored, one-to-one approach focuses on your individual needs and on helping your business to thrive.

The initiative provides a network of experienced business mentors who have been there and done it before and who are available to provide guidance and support to you when you need it most.

A mentor is a local business person who you can bounce ideas off and who can help you explore and develop new ideas for your business.

Is SCR Mentoring for me?

If you are committed to growing your business then YES this is for you. SCR Mentoring is open to anyone in the process of setting up a business, having just set up a business or has an established business already.

Although the service is free of charge its value shouldn’t be underestimated.  Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients have to say…

“My Mentor was with me for 2 hours and this was valuable time.  She seemed to understand the business and me which helped and has helped me to refocus my priorities.  I wasn’t sure this would do anything for me, but it did. I would not hesitate to ask for guidance again should I need it.” Cake by Lynda Morrison

“Building Link Design has received various support from the mentoring programme.  The information has been very useful so far and we would continue to use mentoring if the need arises”.  Building Link Design

To learn more contact Irshad Akbar on 01302 736062 or email