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Institute of Technology

Institute of Technology

Playing a lead role in delivering the skills required to achieve the ambitions set out in the Government’s Industrial Strategy, Institutes of Technology will reform technical education in England creating learning opportunities in distinctive, specialised technical pathways providing the skills business needs. 

Infrastructure investment in the national pipeline is valued at more than £425bn; £300bn of this to be delivered by 2021 with £100bn already committed by Central Government.  With the growth in national infrastructure investment, the pipeline creates a demand for over 250,000 construction and over 150,000 engineering construction workers by 2020, driving a need to recruit and train nearly 100,000 additional workers by the end of the decade.

Establishing a new Institute of Technology in Sheffield City Region, anchored in Doncaster, will provide the skilled workforce needed for the infrastructure investments planned by Government and the city region. Doncaster Council is working to design and develop the Institute with the business community.

Building on the expertise and learning derived from delivering the National College for High Speed Rail, the Institute will provide learners with technical pathways at Level 3, 4, and 5 co designed with local, regional and national transport and infrastructure company input, this will in turn provide is pipeline of technically skilled staff to support world. 

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