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Forthcoming Events

The Doncaster Ambassador events always aim to bring you a range of top speakers, from our large global organisations to our new award winning SMEs.

Our next event is on:

Thursday 19th October 5:30pm– The National College for High Speed Rail (Invitation Only)

The National College for High Speed Rail is dedicated to solving the engineering, design, planning, manufacturing and construction skills gap that Britain faces as it looks to invest billions of pounds in modernising Britain’s rail network and wider transport infrastructure.


Clair Mowbray, CEO of NCHSR, is looking forward to welcoming guests and showcasing how the college will attract, train and deliver the next generation of talented workers which is a key priority for all businesses. Clair will also discuss plans for the future and what have been her biggest challenges so far.

Jack Pendle, Director at Volker Rail, will share an update on how the college will benefit our region and share his perspective on how the college will help our local economy and businesses.
Hannah Damary-Wilson, Operations Director at Eden Lea Rail a new business in Doncaster, will be talking about what it is like to be a Rail sector start-up business in the town and their plans for growth.

Attending events are just one of the benefits available to our Doncaster Ambassadors.  

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