NEWS  >  Doncaster Rovers FC scores new sponsorship deal with Lakeside Village

Doncaster Rovers FC scores new sponsorship deal with Lakeside Village

Gavin Baldwin, chief executive of Doncaster Rovers, said: “It is great to see Lakeside Village supporting their local team and their package includes sponsoring our scoreboard once again.

“Our relationship is a great example of partnership working and we are so pleased to have such great neighbours.

“Visitors to our games from outside the area often make a day of it and working with Lakeside Village we are able to offer them somewhere close to the ground with great shopping and places to eat and great discounts.“

Established twenty years ago, Lakeside Village has over 45 outlet stores.

Cheryl Sadler, centre manager for Lakeside Village, said: “We are pleased to be able to support Doncaster Rovers again this season.

“We work closely with local partners and it is great to see Club Doncaster developing and growing.

“We love to welcome families to the centre who are visiting the town to support their local club. We are ideally located for them to enjoy a bit of extra time in Doncaster.“

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