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Keeping business local

We have a duty to deliver services to standards on both cost and quality and by the most effective, economic and efficient means available.

Therefore, as a Council we are keen to encourage local businesses and suppliers both large and small to submit bids for our wide range of contracts and do business with us either through a direct contract or by becoming a subcontractor. 

Full details of our current opportunities and those of our local partners are made available via ProContract and Tender Electronic Daily (TED)

Download this useful guide to support you with using ProContract.

We would encourage you to register your business or organisation (if you haven’t already) paying particular attention to the ‘Business Classifications’ that you select as part of the registration process. There is no limit to the number of business classifications you can select so our advice would be to select as many as you can.

We also provide assistance and information on procurements and tendering for contracts through hosting free procurement workshops. These can be on a general basis about how we procure, what we procure and what we look for in our suppliers or one that is more specific to a particular project or development we may be working on.

To learn more contact Ian Guy via our 'Get in Touch' form.

ProContract Guide
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“Met some useful contacts & subsequently have received 2 enquiries of a substantial nature. Also, caught up with a few people I had not seen for a while, gained knowledge on 2 local sites, met up with our bank manager and a potential client for shop fits & new build units. All in all, 2 hours of solid gold!!!” Anthony Wheatley, MD, Pacy & Wheatley Construction

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