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Doncaster businesses that have been trading for up to two years can access the fully funded Launchpad Mentoring Service. Our mentors have significant knowledge and experience from a range of business sectors and environments. They offer one-to-one tailored support focusing on your needs and requirements, providing guidance when you and your business need it most.

What is the Launchpad Mentoring Service?

Launchpad Mentoring is a free service available across all 9 authorities of the Sheffield City Region and is part of the SCR Launchpad programme. It provides mentees with quality mentors that can offer them professional guidance and information enabling their businesses to develop, grow and become sustainable.

A mentor is a local business person whom you can bounce ideas off. They can also help you explore and develop new ideas for your business.

Building a relationship with a mentor can be a rewarding positive experience which not only supports your business growth but helps you develop personally too.

Launchpad is a unique scheme which forms part of the Sheffield City Region Growth Hub. Funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund and delivered by local authorities within the Sheffield City Region and the Princes Trust, the programme provides free help and support to budding entrepreneurs in the Sheffield City Region who are thinking of starting their own business, or have started trading within the last two years.

Who is it for?

If you have just started a new business or if your business has been trading for two years or less and is located in the Sheffield City Region you are eligible for free mentoring through the Launchpad programme.

There are many benefits to receiving mentoring such as:

- Increased knowledge and skills

- Help in thinking through decisions and ways to develop and grow your business

- Development of new attitudes and behaviour, improving your business performance

- Signposting to gain new skills where appropriate

What is a mentor?

A mentor is an individual who has the knowledge, experience and wisdom from a business perspective. They could be entrepreneurs, senior managers or individuals who have retired. They can help you to address issues that you are facing, can be used as a sounding board as well as explore and develop new ideas for your business.

The key is to build a relationship with your mentor, it can be a rewarding positive experience which not only supports your business growth but helps you develop personally too.

We welcome experienced business people to become a mentor with us and there are many benefits to doing so including:

- Satisfaction in helping others to achieve their best

- Time to reflect on your own working practices

- Continuous Professional Development

Our mentor recruitment process is straight forward. You don’t need to have formal mentoring qualifications to become a mentor. It’s about being able to share your business experience, journey and knowledge with your mentees.

Is Launchpad Mentoring for me?

If you are committed to developing your idea, starting or growing your business or supporting them then YES this is for you.

Although the service is free of charge its value shouldn’t be underestimated.  Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients have to say…

“I would highly recommend the mentor service to others. It is a great advantage to have someone else believe in you.” – Tracey Barnes, Dancing For Health, Mentee.

“Working with my mentor has opened up new business opportunities, but perhaps equally importantly, it has helped me to overcome the barriers I was facing to growing my business.

For anyone who is running their own business, I’d recommend getting involved in the Launchpad mentoring programme. There is a lot to learn when starting a business and the support I’ve received has been invaluable.” – Chris Holt, Mindset Tuition

“I know my mentor is always at the end of the phone or an email if I ever need to speak to her about anything or if I’m experiencing problems. It’s okay to make mistakes and as an entrepreneur on the self-employment journey you will make plenty of them but for me, knowing there was someone to help me at any time and knowing I had the support of the Launchpad programme gave me confidence and encouragement that I could make a success of my business.” – Katherine Smith, Redwing Immigration

For further information, please contact the Launchpad Mentoring team on 01302 736062 or by email