An Hour Well Spent: A manager’s guide to approaching mental health in the workplace


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An Hour Well Spent: A manager’s guide to approaching mental health in the workplace

In conjunction with Mental Health Awarness Week on the second Tuesday of May, MIND will be presenting a session on mental health within the workplace and how managers/owners can best support their staff.
  • How to approach an employee where you have concerns about their mental health
  • How best you can support them in their role and their working environment
  • Mental Health Myths
  • Where you as a manager or employer can get external support 
  • Where the employee can get external support

Is this event for you? 
If you have ever wondered how to approach someone who is not looking or behaving as they usually do at work. If you can’t understand why someone’s performance has dropped or their personality has changed dramatically. If someone is having unexplained time off when they have usually been a reliable worker? Is there strain on relationships in you staff team?  If you recognise any of these situations in your work place, and it is very likely you will, then this event may well be for you.

Why should you attend? 
The Centre for Mental Health reported that mental health problems in the U.K. workforce cost £35billion last year, which equates to £1,300 for every employee. That cost was broken down in their research into their main costs.  By far the largest part of that cost was attributed to people who are at work but un-well (presenteeism). This costs business twice as much as absenteeism and the rest of the cost was attributed to staff turnover.

Having a better understanding of the mental health issues that can often affect people in the work place can boost your confidence in how to approach people and to support them.

Providing understanding and support can make a world of difference to someone experiencing mental health issues and support their recovery and continued wellbeing.

Understanding and supporting people in the right way can only help you to build and maintain a strong, committed and loyal workforce.

Attending this session should lead to all these things as well as saving you and your business time and money making you a better employer.

When one in four of us are likely to experience mental ill health in our lifetime as employers can we afford not to be proactive about dealing with mental health issues in our place of work?

Speakers Bio 
Jane Perry is Chief Executive Officer at Doncaster Mind. She previously had a successful career over forty years in the public and voluntary sectors most recently in senior management in Local Government and providing Business Development Support to a National Charity Network. Her current role brings together her knowledge and experience in management and organisational change and personal and lived experience in mental health. She believes unequivocally in her organisations values particularly that everyone experiencing a mental health difficulty should get both the support and respect they need and deserve. This is not just from an ethical perspective but rather because it makes good business sense too.

8:00am - 8:15am - Registration with Tea/Coffee
8:15am - Presentation
9:15am - Close 
The Grandstand, Doncaster Racecourse, Leger Way, Doncaster, DN2 6BB
Date and Times

14 May 08:00 - 09:15


Non-members: £15.00+VAT

Contact details

Telephone: 01302 640106