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Be More Social - Social Media Master Class

It's more than likely that at some point you have used social media in your personal life. However, in this digital age more and more businesses are gaining massive success by using social media to market themselves. Whether it's to raise brand awareness, manage a company or organisation's reputation or to get new customers, social media is a powerful tool that business' all over the world are faster and stronger than ever before.

It doesn't matter how big or small you are as a business or organisation, with the right aims, goals and objectives, strategy and know-how for creating powerful, engaging content, combined with knowledge of how and when to deliver it, you too can be successful using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Youtube and the rest. Social media can work for you too.

In this workshop we'll show you some of the tips and tricks of the trade and help you to understand the "art", "science" and "psychology" behind creating the perfect posting strategy. You'll learn how to make your life easier by planning and scheduling content, we'll teach you why and how the individual social media platforms deliver the content in the way that they do and most importantly how you can use that knowledge to make sure that you are successful too.

The program for the morning will be;

- Arrival and open networking from 9.00am, starting the workshop at 9.30am.

- An Introduction to Social Media - Why it is so important that business' and organisations embrace social media for marketing, why it is so important to have a strategy and how you can create a successful strategy of your own.

- A journey through the different platforms showing you how each of them can be used not only to tell the world about your business and why they should be coming to you, but also how you can go out and find them. You'll learn how to get more engagement, how, why and when to post and how to use the tools of the platform to make your social media faster, stronger and more effective.

- Creating Content - Tips on how to create consistent, high quality and engaging content using planning and creative tools and ideas that can have you posting photo's, slideshows and videos just like the professionals do.

- How to make sure you are "Optimised for Success" - We'll uncover some of the mysteries around how all of your digital marketing can work together to maximise every opportunity, showing you some tips and tricks that the big agencies don't want you to know about. Understand why nobody can be as good as you at marketing your business.

- How to measure your success - Understand which results really matter and how not to be misled by the wrong numbers. You'll find out how to analyse your social media efforts alongside your aims, goals and objectives and learn how to adjust your effort accordingly to ensure long-term, sustained success.

Mercure Sheffield Parkway Hotel, Britannia Way, Catcliffe, Sheffield, S60 5BD
Date and Times

23 Aug 09:00 - 12:30