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Chamber Digital - Digital & Tech Forum

These forums will facilitate collaborative thinking among the industry leaders and are designed to generate discussion and insights on the challenges and opportunities in this sector. Each session will have a theme and a panel of guest speakers that will approach the subject from different vantage points. The forums will be a platform to stimulate, educate and drive collaboration, partnerships and foster business opportunities and growth.

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Connect with like-minded people?
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Guest Panel will include:      

Natalie Ward – CityFibre         
What is full fibre? How full fibre creates opportunities to grow and thrive?

Tim Hazeltine – DMBC                  
What are the economic benefits and opportunities for Doncaster?

Ashley Harris  Jibba Jabba                                                     
How businesses can benefit?

Do you want to know how full fibre will benefit you as a business? How it will make your working life easier? How digital will boost the local Doncaster economy? 

Doncaster’s key priorities include: building a strong local economy to support progressive, healthy, safe and vibrant communities, as well as demonstrating commitment to achieve potential in employment, education and care. 

With full fibre beneath its streets, Doncaster’s entire digital landscape will be transformed – making the town more innovative, more productive and giving a digital boost to the local economy for decades to come. Creating futureproof platforms for economic growth, innovation and global competitiveness for years to Gigabit City? 

The applications and benefits of gigabit- speed internet connectivity are endless and the opportunities for Doncaster businesses and community need to be explored and embraced to secure the massive benefits:

Revolutionise the online world at home by unlocking new forms of entertainment 
Flexible home and remote working
Digital advantage equivalent to that enjoyed by companies based in the world’s most technologically advanced cities.

Introducing innovative e-learning techniques and remote lessons in schools, colleges 
Experimentation with smart city initiatives such big data projects, high definition CCTV and smart traffic controls.

Health and social care sectors given the foundation for crucial health and social care solutions such as telemedicine, remote monitoring of the elderly, and convenient online GP consultation.
Ultimately, as every aspect of our lives becomes increasingly dependent on connectivity and Doncaster will be primed to thrive – making it one of the UK’s most attractive areas to live and work. 

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1 Jul 11:00 - 12:00


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