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Funded 90 Day Business Momentum Planning

This fully funded webinar event is for businesses located in Doncaster.


The April to June quarter was defined by Lockdown - adapting your business and ways of working to survive and to come out stronger than you went in.

The coming quarter will be all about getting momentum back as quickly and as profitably as you can.


For many businesses, restarting will be way more painful than locking down.

  • Working with reduced demand but overheads increasing rapidly.
  • Competition in the marketplace will be intense.
  • A mix of furloughed, homeworking and office/site based staff so effectiveness and efficiency will be a challenge.


The original plan for the year has gone out of the window. The plan for last quarter is now done.

Recovery will be another 90 Day game and will set the pattern for how your business will fare long term.


Business Doncaster and Mark Perry, Action Coach are here to help your business get back to their original turnover and margin goals for the year.

The environment may be unrecognisable from the original year plan but that doesn’t mean the goals have to be.


Take this opportunity to build a plan for your business so your July to September quarter is strong, profitable and the springboard to a bright future.


You’ll get :

1. The full ActionCOACH planning toolkit we use with the businesses we work with.

2. Absolute clarity on the 3 things you need to focus on this coming quarter.

3. To understand best practice and what’s working for companies in a wide range of industries.

4. Knowledge, support and challenge to put together a plan you and your team can use to get that momentum back and have a great 3 months.


Remember, just like Lockdown, this is going to be a 90 Day game – make sure you and your team are focused on the right things to make it a really successful one.



These virtual workshops which are fully funded by Business Doncaster are small group planning sessions with private Zoom.

Up to 5 businesses in a group session with private Zoom breakout rooms for each business and shared support.

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Date and Times

10 Aug 13:30 - 16:30



Contact details

Telephone: 01302 735555