How can small businesses benefit from supporting working carers?


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How can small businesses benefit from supporting working carers?

1 in 9 of your workforce are balancing work and unpaid care for a family member, friend or neighbour - a balancing act some find difficult to sustain without adequate support and consequently become unwell themselves or leave your employment. The cost of replacing a member of staff is estimated to be at least 50% of that employee’s salary, and as much as 150% in certain industries. The peak age for caring is 45-64 years, which is also a point in many workers’ lives when they have gained a significant amount of skills and experience. Retaining staff – including those with caring responsibilities – is therefore crucial to business success.

You are invited by the University of Sheffield to take part in a free event for small to medium size employers (with 10-250 employees) who do not yet provide specific policies to support working carers. We would like to hear the challenges you face when considering providing policies for carers in your workforce at a discussion event at Halifax Hall in Sheffield on 15th April 2019. At the event you will have opportunities to learn about:

  • How your business can benefit from supporting working carers.
  • Good practice from other companies supporting working carers.
  • Affordable approaches to supporting working carers.
  • An introduction to ‘Employers for Carers’, established by Carers UK which provides practical advice and help to develop carer-friendly policies and practice.
  • Longer-term and tailored support the University of Sheffield can provide to help you and your working carers.

The event includes lunch and your travel costs will be covered. If you would like to find out more, please contact:

Halifax Hall, Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield, S10 3ER
Date and Times

15 Apr 11:30 - 14:00



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