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Maximise your networking effectiveness

In today’s interconnected and fast-moving world, the ability to ‘connect’, build relationships and collaborate has never been more important for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Whether online or offline, effective networking can create real opportunities and those that take a proactive approach that are the ones maximising those opportunities.

We are offering your business the opportunity to attend a workshop with Andy Hanselman, an expert on marketing and business competitiveness to help you maximise your networking effectiveness.

Andy’s interactive session will highlight how a proactive approach to networking is an essential key factor for success in creating new opportunities, raising your business and personal profile and maximising relationships. It’s definitely not about giving out lots of business cards and the heavy sell, it’s about creating, developing and maintaining relationships that help you improve your competitiveness and collaborate for success.

He’ll highlight how winners identify and contribute to the networks that add real value to their business and themselves, and how they are proactive in their chosen marketplaces, energise their networks and punch above their weight. They recognise that networking is not just about sales and marketing, it’s about collaboration, generating ideas, opportunities, alliances and partnerships.

This session will help you:

- Establish what you want to get out of networking and identify the right networks for you.
- Identify how you can ‘reach’ those networks and how you can maximise them.
- Develop a networking plan that works for you.
- Improve your tactical skills and learn how to build rapport, work out what to say and build your confidence.
- Gain some simple tools and techniques to seriously improve your networking activity.

Who should attend?

Whether you are an enthusiastic, expert networker, or a reluctant attendee, this fun, participative session will help you evaluate your approach. There’ll be guaranteed no role play, cheesy lines or hard sell pressure techniques whatsoever and you will receive assessments, tools and techniques to seriously improve your networking activity.

Andy Hanselman

Andy helps businesses and their people create competitive advantage by ‘Thinking in 3D’. That means being ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’. He has over 27 years researching and working with successful fast growth business leaders and is a recognised expert on business competitiveness.

This has helped him identify the 7 Characteristics of 3D Businesses. Not the latest fad for business success, nor a list of do’s and don’ts or magical answers, but proven methodologies and processes that help successful winning businesses get ahead and stay ahead of their competitors.


09:00 - Networking and breakfast
09:30 - Maximise your networking effectiveness with Andy Hanselman
10:15 - Q&A
10:30 - Further networking
11:00 - Close

Regent Hotel, Regent Square, Doncaster, DN1 2DS
Date and Times

29 Nov 09:00 - 10:30