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Opening time - eat, drink and be merry

As the UK comes out of lockdown, businesses in the food and drink sector are having to rapidly innovate to re-open safely and profitably. You are not alone in facing up to challenges – through bringing the business community together and encouraging innovation we aim to help generate and share ideas to speed up recovery.

The session is aimed at Sheffield City Region SMEs in the food and drink sector, with a focus on identifying and sharing practical ways to operate and optimise post-Covid sales.

What will happen?

On registration we’ll ask you to share your biggest challenge. The facilitator will begin by recapping some of the key challenges identified and participants will be invited to share how they are addressing them. The facilitator will conclude by summarising a number of innovations to consider, with challenges and ideas to be circulated to attendees following the workshop.

Who’s behind it?

The session will be facilitated by Gordon Macrae, entrepreneur in residence at the Y Accelerator from Gripple Ltd, organised in association with Rotherham Investment and Development Office (RiDO).

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Date and Times

1 Jul 14:30 - 15:30