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Rule your world

Rule Your World: BME Empowerment Summit

Rule Your World is an Empowerment Summit aimed at engaging about 100 working age people from across Doncaster who are part of BAME communities.

The Summit will stimulate and motivate local people, uniting minority voices into a common, impactful voice.

The event will encourage people to become more engaged in the Council’s and partner agencies activities, especially those aimed at supporting members of the BAME community.

Our event’s overall goal is aimed at giving people from BAME communities the confidence and opportunities to have a voice in local decision making.

This will allow decision making to be more representative of the community as a whole. We further aim to increase participation by training, education, accreditation and employment, creating an alliance with the local authority to ensure that BAME voices are heard.

The event will provide space for employers, trainers and voluntary groups to promote their opportunities to the people attending, as well as space for those who provide community-based services to promote their activities.

We are offering life changing skills that will boost hope and confidence, reduce loneliness and promote integration and networking, all of which help people and communities come together to promote diversity and inclusion.

The Earl Of Doncaster Hotel, Bennetthorpe, Doncaster, DN2 6AD
Date and Times

22 Jun 10:00 - 16:30