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Six Figure Summit

Six Figure Summit - 23rd & 24th February 2019

The Six Figure Summit is our Pinnacle Event at Touchstone.
We have designed this event specifically to inspire 'normal' everyday people, to do things that they never thought possible.

The conventional system of:
💤 Go to school
💤 work hard, go to university
💤 Graduate, get a good job
💤 Grow old, live on your state provided pension

It doesn't work anymore!

It may just about give you an 'okay' quality of life, maybe a small holiday once a year, but the rest of your time will be spent trapped between four office walls, making money for someone else... making their dreams come true.

At Touchstone we have made it our mission to change this perception of life, we teach people to lead extraordinary lives through strategic property investments, and carefully proven wealth creation strategies.

Just a taster of what we cover at the Summit:

🔥 How to take a standard property, and generate thousands of pounds of cash flow, PER MONTH.

🔥 How to acquire profitable commercial property, with nothing more than a signed tenancy agreement from a big box retailer.

🔥 How to cashflow from properties that you don't own.

🔥 How to run an online business through Amazon, the worlds leading E-commerce platform.

🔥 How to purchase property with your pension pot, and increase your retirement funds substantially

As I say, this is just a few of the ways that we teach people to change and improve their lives.

Spend just two days with us, and you'll wonder why you didn't join us sooner.

Dates available in Doncaster, London and Birmingham.

Touchstone Education, Unit 6-9 Railway Court, Ten Pound Walk, Doncaster, DN4 5FB
Date and Times

23 Feb - 24 Feb 2019, 09:00 - 17:00