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Land for development

An aerial shot of land in Doncaster

Housing and Economic Land available for development

We are keen to engage with potential developers, partners and investors, to look at proposals to ensure that housing provision is met throughout the borough. Doncaster Council would like to engage with those organisations who are interested in developing all tenures of housing, including private sale, shared ownership and housing for rent.

The inLand map has been developed by our Strategic Housing team to connect better with its customers allowing developers, house builders and partners who have an interest in investing in Doncaster to access information on potential sites quickly and easily.

The inLand map allows you to view the location and status of potential housing development land owned by Doncaster Council that is:

  • available for development
  • likely to be available in the future
  • currently being developed by Doncaster Council as part of housing schemes
  • completed  developments

If you are interested in finding out more information about the sites currently available, you can view Doncaster Council's interactive inland map.

Or view our Economic Development Sites Map here.

For further information, please contact Adrian Robertshaw, 01302 737147 or email: