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An image of the Doncaster Corn Exchange

Doncaster's Wool Market is set to be transformed

Doncaster's famous Wool Market, in the heart of Doncaster markets, will be restored back to its former glory thanks to a major improvement programme. 

A new design for the famous and historic Wool Market has been unveiled as plans to transform Doncaster Market continue at pace. More than £3 million of Sheffield City Region SCRIF funding has been secured by us to revamp the jewel in the crown of the town centre: the award winning market place.

The aim is to transform the market area into a vibrant and bustling location all week long and into the evenings. As part of the plans, the renovated Wool Market will become an attractive and welcoming destination providing a new and enhanced offer to retail traders and customers. The makeover will also enable the market to host more events, encouraging more people to visit the area.

The new designs retain the heritage of the Wool Market, but are a complete transformation from what is currently in the market place.

The work in the market place is one of the key projects detailed in the urban centre masterplan, which was launched in November 2016. We are making very good progress and work on the ground in the market place is anticipated to start in early 2018.

Here is a short video showing how the new Wool Market will look:  

For further information, please contact Adrian Banks on 01302 734966 or email