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Major £2 million transformation set for Hall Gate and Silver Street

Plans to transform two key streets in the town centre into vibrant areas has been approved by Cabinet. The £2 million Quality Streets scheme will see significant improvements made to Hall Gate and Silver Street.

The proposed changes will see Hall Gate transformed into a pedestrian friendly area. The road will be narrowed to make it one way to all traffic and the pavements will be upgraded and made wider.

This will create more outside space for businesses to have alfresco areas, bus stops will be improved, dedicated cycle lanes installed and existing parking bays removed.

Silver Street will become a one way street with access down towards the market from 5am until 6pm when it will become a fully pedestrian area with the street closed to all traffic and loading bays and the taxi rank removed. This will have great benefits for businesses allowing them to create alfresco areas and visitors and residents will be able to enjoy the space and new attractions free from traffic. The proposal also includes introducing unique lighting to help build vibrancy to the area. The lighting will be themed for different events such as the Tour de Yorkshire or St Leger and this will help to create a real buzz in the town centre.   

Along with bringing vibrancy to the area, this development will bring new employment opportunities and inward investment to Doncaster.

The redevelopment of Hall Gate and Silver Street will help turn this area into the Innovation Quarter which was detailed in the Urban Centre Masterplan.

The scheme will be funded by the council and is seeking another £1.35million from the Sheffield City Region Growth Fund (SCRIF).

To learn more contact Adrian Banks on 01302 734966 or email Adrian.banks@doncaster.gov.uk