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Aggregates 'r' us

ACS helping Doncaster businesses streamline their processes!

Aggregates ‘R’ Us is a trusted supplier of bulk and high-quality bagged aggregates to the Construction Industry, Builders Merchants and Building Retail sectors.

The company that operates from five large sites within Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire And Cheshire, contacted ACS just over nine months ago as it needed a new financial and stock control solution to manage its groups 40-Million-pound turnover.

The Doncaster based head office of Aggregates ‘R’ Us required a modernised solution to replace the combined two previous platforms the company was using for financial support. They needed to align and centralise all stock management routines and financial reporting plus modernise the IT infrastructure incorporating cloud services, alongside ensuring security was at its optimum. 

Carl Rowley, Procurement Director at Aggregates ‘R’ Us explains: “We were considering new IT options and decided to have a look at what ACS could offer. We have shared a business park with ACS for several years and knew they were IT specialists but didn’t realise they were experts in the Sage platform too.’’

‘’After our initial meeting we were confident that ACS and its specialist team could really help Aggregates ‘R’ Us streamline and grow. We appointed ACS and began looking at options to support our lean production strategy.’’

After initial discussions it was clear to see that Aggregates ‘R’ Us wanted to embrace new technology by enhancing stock control management and traceability.  Thus, aiding the production team and making the system more user friendly in addition to making the company more efficient.

Sage200 was the system of choice – upgrading from an Exchequer System. This upgrade meant that the company had many new features they could tap into including automation of financial tasks and a live stock based platform.

The entire integration was seamless, efficient and was delivered to budget and timeframe. It took just over four months to install across five dedicated companies which ensured the Aggregates ‘R’ Us team had the system in place quicker than anticipated.

Stock control and management have never looked better.  The new system has allowed the company to add barcode readers and scanners to the system to ensure when a product is chosen and purchased that the correct product arrives at the correct address and, most importantly, on time.

Other areas of the Aggregates ‘R’ Us process has been transformed including cost analysis, reporting and information flow is communicated better across the entire team.

Carl Rowley said: “The change the new system has made to the production process is huge.  It’s all automated from the initial sales order meaning we have saved on costs and completely streamlined processes across the company.’’ The knowledge base and support we have received from the ACS team has been second to none and the project would not have been possible without them.’’

Alongside the upgrade and integration of all company systems, the Aggregates ‘R’ Us team was given full training to enable a smooth transition from the previous solution to Sage 200 and the various add ons. The system was recognisable for staff, so it was a lot less daunting for the team to adopt.

Adjoined with the new system upgrade, ACS has installed a faster and more reliable IT infrastructure, enabled cloud services such as Office365 which ensures that all team members have access to company files, documents and emails all in one handy location – no matter if they are at their desk or on the road.

The company has also signed up to a support contract which means the ACS team is on hand via phone or email should any issues arise to ensure they get dealt with quickly and effectively.

Kevin McEwen, Managing Director of ACS concludes: “The Aggregates ‘R’ Us team wanted to embrace new technology, they just didn’t know where to start. Our team of experts listened to their goals and expectations and exceeded on both with the Sage200 project, server delivery and ongoing support.

“We very much enjoy working with Carl, Joedy and the rest of the team at Aggregates ‘R’ Us.

For any local business looking at upgrading from Line50 to Sage200 contact ACS to discuss how they can help! Call 01302 540572 or visit the website: