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Author reveals secrets of freelance revolution

Doncaster Marketing Agency Founder, Vivienne Neale, awakens self-employment curiosity with book on creating a thriving freelance business.

Vivienne K Neale, Founder of VKN Digital, presented the book ‘Create, Work, Earn’ at St Catherine’s House, Doncaster on the 8th October 2018. It is based on her own business experience and that of her 15+co-authors. The book reveals how to create and sustain a desired business to rewrite the story and hand life has dealt.

In the majestic dining room at St Catherine’s House, Tickhill Road, sponsored by Reappraise Consulting and Zenza Bookkeeping, Vivienne Neale and Elaine Mitchell whipped up a storm of enthusiasm. It was an evening full of excitement, ambition and possibilities.  People said it was an opportunity to think again about life and what they wanted from it.

‘I want people to reappraise what they want from their careers. We are all likely to be working into our 70s so we had better be doing something we feel passionate about. It’s no longer appropriate to imagine life is over career-wise once we turn 40. There’s another 30 years to go!’ said Vivienne who is the lead of the brand new Northern Creative Arts Community. This new venture hosts courses to help freelancers start their business. The book. ‘Create, Work, Earn’ is almost like a course handbook and outlines what self-employment and freelancing truly entails. Through case studies and original theory it guides, inspires and supports anyone wanting to earn their living through a creative approach.

If you’ve ever wondered about topics such as finding clients, delivering results and surviving the feast or famine cycle, the book is ideal source material. The case studies outline how different people with a passion for what they do all managed to earn a living doing it.

The author has 30 years experience and has worked within including communications, publishing, education, training and as a writer. In 2011, Vivienne became a Marketing Director and has spent the past two years building her marketing agency, VKN Digital, focusing on both traditional and digital marketing for technology and creative businesses. In 2017 she brought the company to Doncaster and has been very busy putting down roots in the economic e-community.

The author, Vivienne K Neale, states, “I created this book to show freelancers they don’t need to wait for something good to happen. It’s easier than they think to create incredible things when you have the right practical advice and mind set to help you get to where you need to be.” Neale continues, “Don’t live the life that is handed to you. It’s time to rewrite your story no matter what age you are.”

‘Create, Work, Earn’ launched in October 2018 and is now available at: