BLOG: Local business owner brings sweets to your doorstep
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BLOG: Local business owner brings sweets to your doorstep

COVID has undoubtedly affected everyone in such a dramatic way. As a local business owner who has been instructed to suspend all routine practice; this came as a shock! I am a mother of three and work full time. To have the stop button pressed on my life as I know it was immense. I have been through different emotions over the past six weeks, the majority of which were sadness, loss of self and loss of identity. I am an Optometrist, that is all I have known, I have missed my patients and my care setting so much!

To have my income stopped and to fall in a grey area in terms of government pay out was tough to say the least. But I knew I had to be positive, never have I been able to have this length of time at home with my children. This quality time with them has been priceless and has filled me with so much happiness but the COVID situation was just hanging over me like it probably is with everyone.

Therefore, I knew I had to change my mindset we all know sad thoughts can really drag you down. Friends who I confided in about how I was feeling told me I needed an outlet to take my mind of things. They suggested yoga, meditation, painting amongst other things. As much as I knew they only wanted to help, I also knew that those things would not help my mental health. I am someone who is constantly on the go, and am used to spinning multiple plates, therefore something relaxing was not going to fill my void and distract me.

Then one evening whilst hosting a Zoom call with family, we started to talk about sweets. I am not a chocolate fan, but SWEETS! YES! I started to think this is a relatively low risk business model, if I don't sell any I will just eat them....WIN WIN! I designed my logo, branding, set up my social media accounts, published a website, ordered my products and packaging within 3 hours! I impressed myself, but I felt quite scared... I only know eyes not sweets surely? I did some market research and then designed my boxes. We launched on 8th May 2020 and the response has been amazing! This little venture has given me some perspective, a little bit of joy and excitement. I can involve the kids in deliveries and decorating the boxes.

With all the doom and gloom at the moment I thought it would be nice to share some positive news. It makes me feel so good when I drop off a surprise sweet box for a birthday or just to say I love you! I know more than anyone that teamwork makes the dream work. I have so missed my team and I think each employee should be appreciated. I urge local business owners to consider one of my boxes for their employees,

They did not choose to be furloughed or to have this stop button pressed. Likewise those workers who are still doing their job as well as homeschooling children (I take my hat off to you guys!). A small box to say a big THANK YOU won't go a miss.

Thank you for taking the time to read my little piece, and I hope that you will place an order with me soon and be in sweet heaven! We have 4 different boxes in two different sizes priced at £10 and £15 a box plus delivery (delivered nationwide). The boxes are perfect for any occasion birthday, baby shower, new baby, engagement presents....Check out our Facebook and Instagram. All the best and stay safe. Pretty.