BST ensures business continuity to the food and pharmaceutical sectors
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BST ensures business continuity to the food and pharmaceutical sectors

BST Detectable Products, based at Sky Business Park Doncaster Sheffield Airport, have 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic components and supply a wide selection of food grade detectable products.

Given the nature of their products and their vital importance to the food and pharmaceutical industries, they are very much open for business and operating as usual during these difficult times. They are taking all the necessary precautions as a business internally and with their manufacturers and suppliers to keep the doors open and ensure continuity of supply.

Preventing foreign body contamination is at the forefront of food safety; detectable products manufactured by BST not only reduce the risk of foreign body contamination but also comply with international regulations and complement a company's HACCP systems.

Detectable products such as pens are essential when being used in open food production areas. In 1985, BST launched the world’s first metal detectable pen. Since then, they have improved the pen so that it is metal detectable, X-ray detectable and antibacterial.

They have also developed a special plastic compound used in many of their products. This plastic is so advanced, it is now BRC 8 compliant, FDA and EU compliant and is even tested to Japanese standards, which are very stringent. It is the only one in the world to have antibacterial properties using silver ion technology. The compound is incredibly tough, available in 9 colours and depending on the detection equipment used and calibration levels, pieces as small as 5mm are detectable. BST products made with this compound are now both Kosher and Halal approved, another unique feature of the BST brand.

Pens, badge holders, calculators, marker pens, scoops and jugs are just a selection of over 300 products they supply.

The business normally works with a team of 21 but during the pandemic they have nine staff in the office performing essential work and others working from home accessing systems remotely or have been furloughed.

Whilst they are probably not considered as important as key workers they do take their responsibilities to the food and pharma industries seriously and will continue to support them for as long as they can.

For further information please visit: or call 01302 775208