Celebrating 35 years in Business
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Beta Technology

Celebrating 35 years in Business

This month marks an important milestone in Beta’s history. Formed in October 1984, the company continues to support an international client base to deliver complex projects.

Reflecting on how Beta operates, Managing Director Richard Wrigley said:

“One of our key strengths is the ability to adapt to a continually changing landscape. We bring real value to clients through understanding both the technical and business challenges they face and through our networks we can connect them to new opportunities. Beta has always been at the forefront of new technologies and to illustrate this, we are currently working on ground-breaking projects addressing the drive for more efficient battery technologies, green logistics and the global crisis on type 2 diabetes”.

Director Jayne Evans explains the reasons for our continued success, “There are a number of key attributes that are core to how we operate, and they have enabled our success over the years: listening to and understanding the needs of our clients, developing trusted relationships and attention to detail”.

The Beta team look forward to kicking off the new year, with several new projects in the pipeline, working with clients old and new.