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Community Grants Evening 2016

Community grants available through The Rotary Club of Doncaster St George

Over the last twelve  years or so the  Rotary Club of Doncaster St. George’s, as part of its efforts to  support and be of service to the local community,  has given grants of approximately £500 each to over seventy local charities and community groups. These grants are made possible by our local fund raising activities, such as our annual ‘Dragon Boat Race’, ‘Father Christmas Float’ and ‘Classic Car Show’. 

We are seeking again this year to make donations, but the Trustees have agreed to raise the usual limit for consideration of a grant to up to £1000. We seek to support organisations that may operate on a small budget or in a particular locality or community where such an amount of money would make a real difference.

We are again keen to hear from groups who may be in the early stages of their development and for whom ‘seed corn’ money would help them get started, or other groups who find raising financial support difficult. We should also like to hear from groups who have a particular project that they need to finance. 

The Club has traditionally supported charities and organisations that help children and young people but the community grants are not exclusively for the use and benefit of children and young people. Over the years grants have been awarded to a wide variety of groups and charities including a pre-school playgroup for children with autism, organisations helping people with health problems or physical and learning disabilities, support for a dyslexia support group, a disability awareness group, a local bereavement support group, a youth group in a deprived part of the borough and the Hospital Radio Service at DRI. Groups who have received or applied for grants from us in the past are welcome to apply again.

You can find out more about the club and the Community Grant Scheme by visiting our website

Community grant beneficiaries must be local to Doncaster

It is important that any beneficiaries are local to the Doncaster Borough area and that they can demonstrate how they can use such money to ‘make a difference’ and be accountable for any money they are given.

End use of funds

It is important that the end use of the funds actually corresponds with the purpose described and is not diverted for other uses. We assess the application based on the description of the specific project, sometimes we reject applications from good causes because the specific end use described does not meet our criteria.

Groups not eligible for Community Grants

We do not give community grants to:

  • single faith end uses. ( However, applications will be considered from faith groups who can clearly demonstrate that they are providing a service which is equally accessible to people of any or no faith)
  • Individuals (as opposed to groups/organisations).
  • people providing services who apply on behalf of a group –grants are to be paid directly to the group.

Please contact me by phone or email as soon as possible to obtain application forms if you cannot download them and please ensure that completed forms are returned by 5pm Wednesday 17 May 2017.


Tel: 01302 881351 / 07817452455