Companies join forces to keep key workers on the road
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Companies join forces to keep key workers on the road

Doncaster-based vehicle salvage service company SYNETIQ has announced a new partnership designed to help support key workers during the Coronavirus outbreak.

It has teamed up with Activate Group Ltd (AGL) to build an even stronger supply chain and increase their combined ability to help essential workers.

Halifax-based AGL specialises in technology-led accident management services and works with some of the best-known fleet providers and insurers to service hundreds of thousands of claims a year.

It operates a network of more than 250 body shops and its own body shop division, Activate Accident Repair. These are remaining operational and providing vital services to keep corporate fleets and other key workers mobile.

The new link up will see SYNETIQ exclusively handle AGL’s total loss salvage, facilitating in-house logistics and compliant dismantling of all Category A and B vehicles.

It also includes a green parts pilot with AGL’s subsidiary Sopp Parts. Where contracts allow, the use of green parts helps reduce repair time and supports the offering of fast-track services for NHS and fleet delivery drivers.

AGL’s director of network and engineering, Peter McAninch, said: “This is a welcome piece of good news in challenging times and we are pleased to be able to bring the benefits of this partnership to our operations today and in the future, ensuring there is increased access to green parts wherever they are permitted to be used.

“SYNETIQ will work with Sopp Parts, our specialist parts supply division, to increase the reach of our supply chain and help us prioritise supply to our 250-strong network or repairers, many of whom are carrying out vital works for key workers.

“Green parts are OEM, non-safety critical parts, such as doors, tailgates, lights, bumpers and major mechanical items such as engines and gearboxes. All are quality controlled via SYNETIQs efficient quality process.

“As well as reducing the time vehicles spend off the road, the use of green parts is also kinder to the environment, through the reduction of manufacturing, transportation and material wastage.”

Steve Dodson, business development and client relationship director at SYNETIQ, said: “We’ve seen huge growth in the use of green parts in the vehicle repair industry, as insurers, bodyshops and drivers understand the many benefits; that growth is set to increase significantly.

“We’re looking forward to exploring the benefits of green parts with AGL during the pilot and would like to welcome the group on board.”


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