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Council’s reaction to HS2 route consultation

HS2 Ltd has launched further consultation on the Phase 2b route from West Midlands to Leeds which passes through our borough.

It is based on their Working Draft Environmental Statement which takes the design and build implications to a next stage of refinement. The consultation is open until 21st December and there will be a public meeting held by HS2 on 8th November in Mexborough.

Doncaster Council will be reviewing the new information in detail, particularly with regard to potential increased impacts on property. Early indications show the project will now affect more properties at the Shimmer Estate in Mexborough.

The council will be liaising directly with HS2 on the new information to ensure they are aware of the community issues and ensure local amenities and facilities are protected.

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, said:

“We will look carefully at the latest information from HS2 to make sure they are taking the interests and needs of local residents and communities into consideration. We will do everything we can to minimise the impact of this scheme which we still believe could have been delivered more easily, with less impact and better outcomes if they had stayed with the original proposals and a station at Meadowhall.

“We will be liaising and sharing information with all stakeholders as soon as we receive it.”

More information on HS2's Phase 2b route consultation can be found at: Hs2-launches-public-consultations-on-plans-to-extend-the-railway-north