CreatedBy Capital Grants Programme to build legacy from RLWC2021
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CreatedBy Capital Grants Programme to build legacy from RLWC2021

CreatedBy is the RLWC2021 Capital Grants Programme. The programme is dedicated to improving the environments where Rugby League takes place; giving people more and better opportunities to engage with the game and to get active.

The grant will invest in facilities and equipment that create environments that are accessible, welcoming and build a legacy of the 2021 tournament in local communities.

There is hope that the 2021 World Cup and its legacy will appeal to as many people as possible and the CreatedBy RLWC2021 Programme will aim to invest in projects that offer opportunities for people from all different backgrounds to be active, across the men's, women's and wheelchair Rugby League games. 

To find out about the projects which have already been supported please click here.

The Programme Prospectus contains information on what is needed from you before you apply, the partnerships delivering this programme, what the grant is trying to achieve, how they will make decisions as well as how you can get started. 

The CreatedBy RLWC2021 Programme is just one part of the InspirationALL Legacy Programme that will help to use the momentum of the 2021 tournament to benefit and transform Rugby League in communities across the country.

You can apply for small scale requests of up to £15,000 for:

  • Branded team kit & equipment supplied by CreatedBy
  • RLWC2021 branded training equipment supplied by CreatedBy
  • RLWC2021 Grounds & maintenance equipment
  • Goalposts & post protectors
  • Small improvements or repairs to existing facilities

Alternatively you can apply for larger scale requests over £15,000 fpr:

  • New or existing playing field provision
  • New or existing club house facilities
  • Multi-sport or multi-activity environments
  • New or improved sports lighting
  • New or existing Artificial Grass Pitches
The programme is open for three years so you have plenty of time to think about your project before applying here.