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Creating growth to benefit Doncaster

Ambitious plans to create economic growth which will benefit all people, places and businesses in Doncaster were approved at this week's Cabinet meeting.

The Inclusive Growth Strategy sets out Doncaster's future ambition for the economy to grow and people and communities to thrive. The council, and partners from across the borough, are all part of this vision which will improve quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors.

Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, said: “We are hugely ambitious for the borough and our economy has great potential to grow significantly, despite challenging times.

“We need to build on our current achievements, which include a record number of residents securing employment and major investment across the borough such as the iPort and Great Yorkshire way. Further to this, our commitment to buying locally has ensured that over £209 million has been spent with local firms in the past year which equates to 70p in every pound. This determined approach supports the local economy and helps stimulate jobs and growth.”

Mayor Jones added: “We will not rest on our laurels and the council and Team Doncaster must work together to ensure that all people and places across Doncaster benefit from investment and support. This strategy will focus on just that with aims to create 26,000 jobs over the next 15 years to help drive out poverty and disadvantage.”

There are six drivers for growth within the strategy which focus on specific areas including education, skills, jobs and reaching vulnerable people and places. There will be a desire for wealth to be retained and recirculated as much as possible in local areas, along with targeted support so that the most vulnerable residents can share in and contribute to economic and social growth.

The full report is available at Inclusive Growth Strategy