Curly's Become Official Business Partner to Active Fusion Charity
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Active Fusion

Curly's Become Official Business Partner to Active Fusion Charity

Active Fusion are a charity based in Doncaster striving to enable children and young people in Yorkshire to be physically active.

Young people across the UK are facing diminishing levels of mental and physical health. Exercise is proven to enhance fitness levels and improve mental health, however, young people in our region are not achieving the recommended amount of daily physical activity.

Active Fusion are striving to buck this trend by delivering high quality Physical Education lessons in schools, by training teachers and school staff to become more confident and proficient in their teaching of Physical Education, through holiday sports camps and by giving young people the opportunity to enhance their qualifications, confidence and communication through sports leadership and apprenticeship opportunities.

With Curly's and Active Fusion looking at making a difference to increase physical activity opportunities, the partnership will be beneficial for both parties.

Jonathan Frary, Director of Curly’s Athletes, said: “We’re really excited to be officially partnering up with our charity friends at Active Fusion.

“Their commitment to getting schools and young people into physical activity combined with our ambition to get people moving makes for an incredibly exciting pairing.

“We’ve already got lots of ideas and some fantastic new opportunities to really make a difference in the coming year to schools, businesses and families. Through the partnership we look forward to significantly increasing the number of people of all ages enjoying a more active lifestyle.”The partnership will see Active Fusion become the main charity sponsor for Curly’s junior events, with the two organisations also coming together to deliver workshops to young people to develop their employability skills.

Lindsy James, Director of Active Fusion, commented: “I am delighted that Curly’ Athletes are our first official Doncaster business partner.

“It is a natural fit as both organisations focus on inspiring others to be the best they can be, enabling all ages to reach their own personal Everest.

“We share mutual values of putting young people and the whole community at the heart of everything that we do. When two positively minded organisations join together like this, only good things can happen.”

With plans to expand further into the business sector, Active Fusion will be looking to offer businesses the opportunity to work with the charity in a variety of different ways.

For more information on Active Fusion and the opportunities they provide, please visit here