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darts (Doncaster Community Arts) teams up with Doncaster schools to improve life skills

New Transitions project uses the arts to develop key life skills in young people with disabilities

Thanks to new funding from the Department of Education through EXPECT Youth and DMBC, darts (Doncaster Community Arts) has teamed up with Coppice and North Ridge Special Schools and Hall Cross Academy to develop key life skills for young people with disabilities who are on the verge of adulthood. Over the next seven months, young people will focus on specific skills such as confidence, communication and expressing choice, and develop them using drama, DJ-ing, film and event planning.

Young people at Coppice and North Ridge schools may have a disability but they don’t want to be treated differently. Like their peers at Hall Cross, they want to visit new places with their friends, go on dates and feel confident in an array of settings. Transitions will provide opportunities to build a solid foundation of life skills which will be useful in situations throughout their lives, from ordering a drink at a bar to attending a job interview.

As the project progresses the young people will face new challenges designed to build upon these core skills, including taking part in a DJing course, making their own short films, and preparing two events for the public. In organising these events Coppice and North Ridge students will be working alongside pupils from Hall Cross Academy, giving all students the opportunity to mix and widen their social circles.

The events in May and June 2019 will be open for young people across Doncaster to attend. Look out for more information in the springon darts’ social media channels (Twitter: @darts_thepoint, Facebook/Instagram: @dartsatthepoint).

Executive Head of Coppice and North Ridge Schools, Karl O’Reilly said “We are thrilled to be taking part in this project. Our pupils want the same opportunities as all young people of their age and this project will break down some of the barriers that young people with disabilities face on a day to day basis. Using drama to rehearse real life situations is an excellent way of increasing confidence and independence as young adults.” 

darts (Doncaster Community Arts) has a long history of working with schools across Doncaster, using the arts to enhance and support learning. From employing artists to deliver creative workshops in classrooms to hosting school visits in their art gallery at The Point, darts is passionate about the positive impact the arts can have upon young people’s learning.

Transitions is part of the Department for Education’s Essential Life Skills programme. Doncaster was recently identified as a Social Mobility Opportunity Area, meaning that additional funding has been invested to support children and young people across the borough in developing skills such as communication, self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership and team working, decision making and independent choice.

For further information, please visit: thepoint.org.uk