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David Plant and Simon Lewis of Moirae Creative Agency

Doncaster agency develops creative for a new marketing campaign to get young people on the buses

A Doncaster based creative agency has developed an innovative concept and artwork for a new marketing campaign, designed to get more young people moving around the region on public transport.

Full service creative design agency, Moirae, has worked with South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) to develop its latest marketing campaign to promote the new 16-18 Travel Pass to young people in South Yorkshire.

David Plant, managing director of Moirae, said: “This has been a fantastic project for us to work on. The challenge was to ensure that the campaign appealed to a younger audience without being patronising or out of touch.

“Our research showed that a lot of related design work underestimates the maturity of the 16-18 year old demographic and uses childlike illustration. Tapping into how this age group communicate we have developed an emoji-led campaign using a combination of emojis for each key message. This has allowed us to create a suite of materials which will be showcased across South Yorkshire.

“Our bright, clean visuals and animations, are used in posters and adverts to promote SYPTE’s new 16-18 Travel Pass, which entitles 16-18 years olds to concessionary travel on public transport across South Yorkshire.

“We are really proud of this campaign and the designs that we have created. Our work will be seen on buses, in bus stops and poster sites across the region.”

The 16-18 Travel Pass, is now available to all 16-18 year olds who live in the region, including those in apprenticeships and employment. It allows young people in this age bracket to receive reduced travel rates, including the concessionary fare of 80p per single journey on bus and tram, half price rail fare on Northern rail services and value for money operator tickets, across South Yorkshire all year round.

Tim Taylor, SYPTE Director of Customer Services, said: “The new 16-18 Travel Pass allows us to better support young people to access learning, training, employment and other opportunities beyond existing academic boundaries, and will help us encourage these customers to be sustainable public transport users in the future.

“We have really enjoyed working with Moirae on the marketing campaign for the 16-18 Travel Pass, The team have developed a great campaign to catch the attention of our target audience.”

Customers can apply for the new 16-18 Travel Pass online at, or via a paper application from any South Yorkshire Interchange.

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