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Doncaster business scoops ‘Best Digital Marketing Agency 2018’ in the UK

Multi Web Marketing, based in Askern, Doncaster, wins the coveted award from Enterprise Nation in association with SME News.

Founder Paul Smith says,

“This is a team award and I’m very proud to firstly have been nominated by Enterprise Nation, then elated to have won. As marketing agencies struggle to develop their own USP, we have been dogged in always putting client results first, and at the very top of our priorities. Yes, we have been successful, and we now have a Wall of Fame in our offices that constitutes over £34Million of client enquiry testimonials, with over 50% converting into actual transacted business.

“Whilst we have clients from Bournemouth to Middlesbrough, over 90% of our clients are based in Yorkshire and many, such as Pacy & Wheatley and Fenwick Haulage to name a few, are Doncaster based businesses.

“We are a team of 7 professionals, focusing on all elements of digital and traditional marketing, from client and competitor research, branding, website design, SEO, social media management and engagement, plus advertising with Google and Facebook. All of this is topped off with internal professional content writing and graphic design.”

Paul states that keeping everything in-house allows for tightly controlled and focused designs, strategies and communications from his team. MultiWebMarketing recently purchased a derelict building from Askern Town Council and have converted it into a thriving office complex, where they themselves are based. In their new vibrant first floor offices, you can feel the flow and energy throughout the team. There’s even a Foosball table in the studio for breakouts when creative hits the wall.

Paul says “Potential new clients see our £34-million wall of testimonials and the results we have, and continue to achieve for our clients. They want to be on the wall, and it is our mission to get them there. While our key objectives will always remain focused on client results, we want to grow as an agency to have a skilled, enthusiastic team of about 50 people. We are also on track to generate c£250-million of online enquiries for our clients over the next 5-10 years. We endeavour to remain at the forefront of technical development, already being ahead of the curve in eBook design, responsive coding and SEO methodology.

“Additionally, as part of this focus on providing clients with cutting edge support, each member of our team receives ongoing training and support to ensure we remain ahead of the curve in all aspects of our digital marketing services. This comes from the very top, and as Founder and Marketing Director I personally manage our client strategy and creative direction.

“Creating a supportive and collaborative environment for both clients and employees alike helps to ensure that everyone at Multi Web Marketing feels welcome, and that staff are able to support clients and provide them with the solutions they need to truly make an impact in an increasingly digital market.

This dedication to support does not end at the agency’s office walls; Multi Web Marketing also works with the local community, something Paul is incredible proud of.

“Getting involved in the community is just as important to us as our local roots. We have begun to support local charity Firefly Cancer Awareness and Support this year, offering all our services 100% free, including new fund raising/awareness website, graphic design and print services. Firefly provide support for local people suffering from cancer, running a volunteer service driving to and from their home and Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield, their new website will be ready for launch mid July 2018.

“We also employ local people and support the Government Apprenticeship Scheme,” Paul explains. “We bring in young talent from the Doncaster area, giving them the experience and opportunity to grow within the company. Kieren joined our agency at 16 years old. In the five years since joining the agency, he has completed dual apprenticeships in coding and graphic design. Now, at 21 years old, working alongside me, Kieren heads up all graphic design work at Multi Web Marketing.”

Paul is incredibly proud to say that 100% of his team live within 15 minutes of the offices. The agency plans to continue supporting the local community and employing local people with their developing relationship with Campsmount Academy. “We are in discussions with Campsmount Academy about accepting a student into the agency on a work experience placement.

“Again,” Paul states, “winning the UK’s Best Digital Marketing Agency Award is a team effort, and I’m incredibly proud to have such strong, committed people that are the foundation of everything we do.”

Paul can be contacted directly on 01302 590 444 or directly via email: