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Doncaster Businesses benefit from Sheffield City Region Skills Bank

Doncaster based businesses Hummingbird Helicopters and DCH Consulting (Planning and Development) benefit from Sheffield City Region Skills Bank support.

The Skills Bank helps employers invest in skills and expertise to drive growth as part of the Growth Hub.  This includes contributions from European funding, the private sector and Adult Education ring fenced budget from the Government.

A skilled workforce is the key to successful business and a successful city region.

DCH Consulting saw an opportunity to grow their Planning and Development Consultancy and enhance their skills by offering a commercial drone pilot service, to deliver complimentary services to the planning and development offer and as a stand-alone service.

For anyone to provide a commercial drone service requires Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

DCH Consulting chose Hummingbird Helicopters as a quality, approved trainer with the assistance of Skills Bank to deliver CAA approved training.

Hummingbird's owner, Capt. Matthew Rake, said, “The call for drones exists in nearly every industrial sector - be it agriculture, real estate, construction, security, media, emergency services and leisure. With this in mind, we decided in early 2017 to start the process of becoming the UK's only helicopter and drone training academy, happily in November we were audited and approved”.

"Aviation is what we do. At Hummingbird we have a combined experience pool of more than 30 years in manned and unmanned aviation and are keen to train the safest and most confident pilots. If you or your business are considering using drones for remuneration, you must have a CAA permission.”

DCH Consulting Director Adrian Holgate says “Hummingbird Helicopters were an excellent training provider for me, providing a professional service with a safety-first approach. With their help I passed the theory course, wrote the DCH Consulting Flight Operations Manual and flight assessment within record time.”

 “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to be able to deliver in house, approved UAV services. The service provides a unique perspective of site assessment and understanding of site context.  This can benefit clients in considering development opportunities and feasibility. “

“There are a wide range of potential uses for drone imagery and surveying including building condition surveys.  DCH Consulting is currently engaging with partners about opportunities and potential to work together.

DCH Consulting Owner and Director Diane Holgate says “As a former Local Authority Planning Officer, aerial photography provides an excellent opportunity to fully assess sites in terms of context, constraints and opportunities. Images can feed into the planning process in addition to providing an important tool for developers in marketing a sites potential.”

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