Doncaster developers to benefit from interactive mapping
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Doncaster developers to benefit from interactive mapping

The map, which will initially plot housing development sites in Doncaster owned by the Council, will streamline the process of searching for sites which currently relies on a human search by a council officer. The map will also show current and recently completed schemes and will soon be expanded to show other development opportunities in Doncaster.

The map will be called ‘InLand’, and goes live today (12 October). It will allow developers to search for sites that are suitable for development.

Developers will be able to find out a range of information about sites including the location, access to local amenities, marketing documents and visuals of the site.

Cabinet member for Regeneration and Transportation, Cllr Joe Blackham, said: “The interactive development map will help to deliver a modern, efficient service for developers. With the local economy growing, there are a large number of sites in Doncaster that are available for development, and this new map will make it a lot easier to find out about them.

“I would encourage any developers to register online and make the most of the new tool.”

The map is ready to view after completing a simple registration form, and it is totally free to use.

To access the map and for more information, visit