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Rebecca Crawforth

Doncaster entrepreneur to revolutionise beauty industry

With years of beauty industry experience a young Yorkshire entrepreneur is making waves in the industry as she launches a range of professional beauty tools that are set to dramatically change the standards of hygiene. 

Rebecca Crawforth, 32, from Doncaster, has created Navy Professional, a range of signature tools aimed at the lash, brow and nail sectors of the industry. Created in Sheffield and managed from her base in her home town, Rebecca has created the range to bring ‘a new standard in beauty tools’ to the professional market.

Rebecca commented: “It’s been decades since the industry has had a shake up and I feel that with the ever-growing hygiene-conscious consumer, things needed to change. Now is the time to ensure beauty professionals carry their tools with pride and show what an incredibly powerful industry we work in.”

Investing around £100,000 to launch the business Rebecca has a robust business plan that will launch the tools initially via an online e-commerce site, followed by a salon accreditation scheme and to expand her tool range to support individual therapist preference.

“I am incredibly proud of my Yorkshire roots and of the influence they have had on the Navy brand,” said Rebecca. “It was important to me that the tools were created in Sheffield, the City of Steel, and that influences from my life were reflected in the branding, business plan and that other Yorkshire based businesses were commissioned to deliver all elements of my vision.”

The tools, which fully support traditional hygiene routines; washing, disinfecting and drying rather than steeping in Barbicide -  are made from steel and finished in titanium giving them their hygiene credentials and their signature matt gold finish. In addition, they have been given the seal of approval by Dr. Patricia Fenton, MB BS, NHS Trust Director of Infection Prevention and Control 2002-2013.

“It is the hygiene aspect of the tools of which I am most proud and this will in turn allow therapists to be proud to use Navy tools and be a Navy accredited salon or professional,” said Rebecca. “I am excited about the future and very proud to have launched my second business in the Yorkshire region showing that entrepreneurialism is ever present in the county.”

Navy Professional launched on Monday 8th October 2018.