Doncaster Marketing Specialist Expands Business Portfolio Entrepreneur Opens Second Digital Marketing Agency
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Dan Reddish

Doncaster marketing specialist expands business portfolio

Doncaster marketing and design expert, Dan Reddish, has opened his second marketing agency in three years with the recently launched, Lime Social, a digital marketing agency aimed purely at the restaurant and bar industry.

No stranger to this industry, 33 year old, Dan Reddish, spent over 10 years of his life helping promote club nights in bars, clubs and restaurants. It was through his love of the industry and passion for being creative, that he opened his first marketing agency, Cutting Edge Marketing and Design back in 2015.

After three years of success with Cutting Edge, Reddish decided to open a digital agency which was solely dedicated to helping brands within the restaurant and bar industry.

Dan Reddish commented: “It was a natural progression for me to create an agency which is totally dedicated to an industry where my true passion lies. Digital Marketing is the most powerful form of marketing any restaurant or bar could use, and why it was a no brainer creating Lime Social.

“The same experience you get when you’re in these places… the music, the ambience, taste of food, the taste of drinks, the visuals and the customer service. These all need to be replicated in engaging ways through digital marketing.

“Because of the power of social media, it has become more than just walking into a place and tasting good food or experiencing a nice cocktail. It is about the overall brand experience, the story and how it communicates to its customers.

“I find this industry truly electric and fascinating. Bars and restaurants have so many ways of communicating with their audience, especially through social, but many still don’t use digital marketing to maximise potential. So this is why I created Lime Social, i want to help the industry I love.”

For more details check out their social channels @limsocialuk or website