Doncaster’s Helm Creates Incredible Skills Community
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Doncaster’s Helm Creates Incredible Skills Community

In just over 4 years, Doncaster based ‘co-working’ studio, Helm, has gone from a place where you can start a business, to a successful creative and education hub, that is attracting people of all ages, from across Yorkshire.

Helm founder, 32 year old, Liam Swift, first created the studio with the idea that it could be a perfect place for new business starters in the region to be based and grow during early stages.

Whilst this co-working service still very much exists and has grown to nearly full capacity, Helm has become a creative community which hosts constantly ‘sold out’ creative events, gives entrepreneurs continued support, and even provides learning groups and workshops for children.

Liam Swift commented: “The last two years for Helm has been phenomenal in terms of growth and opportunities. Our co-working facilities are around 80% full with just a few spaces remaining and every monthly event we are host, between 40-50 people attend.

“We’ve become a hub of activity in Doncaster and I couldn’t be prouder of the team of individuals that are based at Helm. Every single person that’s based at Helm has used a skill set to help another.”

Every month Helm has been hosting a variety popular events and workshops lead by industry experts. People have been travelling across Yorkshire to Helm, to learn about social media, photography, marketing and other business related subjects.

It’s not just the adults that are benefiting either, because Helm also houses the ‘Journey Education Group’ which has been set up to help children with school subjects and experiential learning.

Liam added: “We are also helping children between the ages of 8-16 years which includes anything from GCSE support tuition, to workshops for gaming and coding.

“The Journey Education Group currently host around 40 classes a week and we are looking to expand into further education centres.

“At Helm we want to help more people, and those people to help even more people. So we need to educate and create resources where we can, so in turn can all share our ways of working.

“We are exploring a share community where the currency could be skills. Our people understand how hard it is to start something and we believe peoples skills can be used to invest when financials are not there in the beginning.”

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