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Educational outcomes on the rise in Doncaster

The summer saw the release of the borough's Early Years, Key Stages 1 and 2, GCSE and A Level results and the great news the outcomes are improving across all subjects.

Children in Doncaster continue to make a strong start in school with over 70% of children reaching a Good Level of Development (GLD).; this figure is in line with the national average and has risen in each of the last three years.

The percentage of children achieving at least the expected level across all early learning goals has increased form 68.8% to 69.4% - which is now only 0.6% below the national average. Overall outcomes in the Prime Areas of Learning, Communication and Language, Physical and Personal, Social and Emotional development are above the national average with Communication and Language remaining strong. The percentage of children achieving the higher levels in Reading has improved.

At Key Stage 1, the data for the combined measure for RWM is the most significant indicator of improvements at KS1. Over three years there has been a 6% improvement in the combined measure for all schools compared to a 5% improvement nationally over the same period.

Schools across the borough have closed the gap on the national average for Key Stage 2 in all subject areas and as a borough, our 'rate of improvement' is greater than that nationally and regionally. Reading, Writing and Maths combined, is a key measure that has improved by 7% compared to the national average of 3%. The 2018 Doncaster figure is 60% (National 64%).

These huge improvements across the borough are being attributed to a number of strategies which were put in place, including The Reading Strategy which has impacted directly on the improved reading, writing and maths scores and helped children to perform better with grammar, punctuation and spelling. This strategy has included the introduction of the fantastic Dolly Parton Imagination Library for 0-5s which encourages more children to read with parents and carers.

Early indications at GCSE level for Doncaster show that both attainment 8 scores and the percentage of pupils achieving s a standard pass across English and Maths (Grade 4/C) has remained relatively stable. Mathematics has been of particular strength in 2018 across Doncaster, with the majority of schools making substantial improvements in the proportions of pupils achieving at least a grade 4/C, improving at a greater rate than the national average and thus narrowing the gap to the national average.

A Level results show similar success with an improving picture across the borough, with the percentage of Doncaster students achieving at least one A Level now above the national average. The percentage of students in Doncaster achieving at least one A Level pass is now above national average by 1.7 %. This represents a 2.3% improvement from 97% in 2017 to 99.3% this year. The percentage of A to A* grades in Doncaster has improved from 19% to 22.8%, an increase of 3.8%. This represents a significant closing of the gap to national figures.