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Doncaster Deaf Trust

European sign language project gets three more years funding

The team at Doncaster Deaf Trust are celebrating the news that the European sign language project they are part of has been successful in gaining a further three years funding.

Working with 14 European partners Spread the Sign 360 will see 360 degree images added to the online sign language dictionary to help Deaf people across the globe.

Alan Robinson, executive principal at Doncaster Deaf Trust, said: “We are thrilled to have the funding from Erasmus+ to continue our work with our partners from others Deaf organisations across Europe.

“We are extremely proud of the work we have completed on the website to help Deaf people communicate in sign language in different countries.

“This work will now be built on with 360 degree images added to the site with hot spots of all the objects that are of an interest for the vocational schools.”

The three year funding see the sign language dictionary improved with the new feature for the vocational educational training of deaf students around Europe.

Sweden based Thomas Lydell, project coordinator for Spread the Sign said: “This is great news for Deaf people who want to learn or work in a different country.

“Our online dictionary and app are free to use and contains thousands of video signs that are useful to different vocations.

“This new funding will use images to bring the project to life, for example, it could show a workshop full of machines and tools with hot spots connecting to the Spread the sign dictionary, so that Deaf people can visually understand the context and be given the sign for each object.”

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