Funding available for Doncaster artists to support Doncaster communities
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Right Up Our Street

Funding available for Doncaster artists to support Doncaster communities

The Right Up Our Street Project (funded by Doncaster’s Arts Council and DMBC) have made a number of grants available for artists looking to support the local community during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Sally Lockey, project director of Right Up Our Street said: “We are facing the most turbulent of times and it is affecting everyone’s lives and livelihoods.

“Being part of a community arts organisation facing these times of social distancing and social isolation, we felt it was important to be proactive and to explore ways for local artists to work with our communities and use the arts to keep people engaged and boost community spirit.

“We are interested in how we adapt our programme to support artists working in socially engaged practice and our communities who are now finding themselves in unexpected circumstances.”

Right Up Our Street is all about people across the borough of Doncaster choosing, making, seeing and sharing great art, and that includes everything from the visual arts, music and theatre right through to dance, radio, poetry and more.

It’s also about maximising community involvement and making sure this art happens in surprising locations and exciting ways.

“We’ve developed Social Connections as a way to support local artists and communities as we navigate these uncertain times. We are offering Research and Development funding of between £500 and £1000 to artists, creatives and producers who are based in Doncaster or have a track record of working here” added Sally.

Right Up Our Street acknowledges that it takes time to explore and test new approaches to working, which is why this is the main purpose of the Social Connections Research and Development Fund.

Research and development proposals are welcomed that explore the engagement of local people in creative and cultural activity, ingenuity, playfulness, innovation or support for communities and the practicalities of working with communities in our present situation – with social distancing.

“Wider audience access is also important to us as an inclusive project so proposals that include audio description, subtitles or BSL interpretation would be welcomed” said Sally.

Successful applicants will then be given a 4-week period to explore their ideas, they will then be invited to feed their learning back to the Right Up Our Street network and help inform their programme of work moving forward, including possible partnership support with our existing project and community partners.

To submit a proposal email with a description of what you would like to explore (up to 500 words), any images / information from past projects that might be useful, a budget (Between £500 - £1,000 depending on the amount of research time required) and your location (Applicants must be Doncaster based or have a track record of working in Doncaster). Submission deadline: Midday on the 4th May 2020.

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