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How automation can save your business time and money

Digital transformation is here to stay! Which is why leading Doncaster software provider, Compleat Software is transforming how businesses manage their purchasing and procurement processes.

The business offers next-generation procurement software that will help businesses to manage all their business finances from automating invoice approvals, purchase orders, employee expenses, contracts and budget through to cash flow management all in real time.

So how can this be done? Compleat is a powerful software tool that eliminates paper and unites finance, procurement and budget holders to provide an accurate, real-time picture of your business finances.  

Research shows that the majority of businesses still receive invoices in paper or scanned forms and that almost a fifth of people spend half their day completing manual tasks. Over time, that’s a huge number of hours wasted on tasks that could be easily automated, freeing up businesses and teams to be more creative, more innovative and more productive

The Doncaster based business has an established track record in the financial software sector, building successful global businesses founded on introducing novel technologies and better ways of working.

Philip Douglas, Managing Director said “I have a clear vision to help businesses to grow, succeed and become profitable through the software we provide. It is well known that start-up businesses fail in the first 5 years due to cash flow problems. Using our invoicing software will help minimise this risk and is just the first step to improving cash flow and spend visibility for many businesses.  

“We also believe in doing all we can to create jobs and opportunities for the next generation, investing in our young people and exploring how they can be part of our dynamic, fast-growing industry. We employ 2/ 3 apprentices every year and they have proved to be a fantastic asset to our business” he added.

The most important benefits of comprehensive e-invoicing solutions include lower costs, increased data accuracy and security, and instant, easy access to documents, for larger companies, compliance with varying regional regulations is extremely important.

And if that isn’t enough - the impact of e-invoicing on the environment cannot be ignored: 1 million e-invoices = 133 trees saved!

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