KAT plan to shake IT up in Doncaster
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KAT Communications

KAT plan to shake IT up in Doncaster

Doncaster based KAT Communications have launched a new IT support service to businesses in Doncaster.

After 18 months of being contacted by businesses in Doncaster to resolve their IT issues due to shortcomings from their existing IT support providers the decision was made to enter the IT support market.

Anthony Temperton of KAT said “We were regularly getting phone calls from existing customers asking for IT support, despite them paying other companies for IT support. Why contact us? Because we are always available, they could speak to us and have the issues resolved in the time it would take for them to even get hold of their existing supplier!”

The businesses ethos has always been customer first, technology second. Technology is just a means to end that supports the success of our customers business.

As with our telecoms solutions we are a customer service business first, we strive to learn about our customers to ensure we are working with them and providing the right service and solutions to support their business goals. Anthony Temperton adds “The reason we offer a FREE IT AUDIT isn’t just to run an inventory over what IT a company has, but it is also to learn about that company and make recommendations based on their business goals.”

KAT also plan to keep it simple using a simple Pay as you Go IT support model, no long-term contracts, just great value support with the flexibility to change the support agreement as your business and technology changes.

For more information on IT support through KAT, whether it be 24/7 monitoring, ad hoc support or working alongside an existing IT department visit our website or contact our team today via it@katcommunications.co.uk or on 01302 260195.