Kids Coaching Academy Rebrands Following Rapid Expansion
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Kids Coaching Academy Rebrands Following Rapid Expansion

Kids Coaching Academy Rebrands Following Rapid Expansion

A ‘unique’ children's football coaching academy, which coaches tens of thousand of children a week has gone through a big rebrand, to help them reach even greater heights and help even more children throughout the U.K.

Back in 2011, Ben Hunter, a former professional footballer felt that there was a need for a football based programme for young children and started “Mini Kicks” in his home town of Doncaster with one simple goal; ‘To have a positive impact on every child, at every opportunity’, a goal the Kixx founder credits to the success and growth of the brand.

Hunter commented: “We started the journey with just 2-3 kids attending the first sessions, and this has grown into tens of thousands of children being coached every single week. Our main goal ‘to have a positive impact on every child’, is shared throughout our entire franchise network and coaching team. We are all of similar mindset and we all do what we do because we care.

“We are so proud and humbled to come so far as Mini Kicks and at the heart of our growth are our core values which make this a really special thing to be a part of. What our rebrand allows us to do is give a more mature approach to all areas of our business, and helps us stand out from a noisy crowd.”

Nearly a decade after they have started in Doncaster, the now branded ‘Kixx’ has an impressive presence in over 40 different towns and cities across the UK. It now boasts a large franchise network, employing over 100 coaches and helping thousands of children throughout the country and is one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses. The Kixx brand also delivers physical education programmes throughout schools in England.

Hunter continued: “There were so many different service areas for Mini Kicks that the name didn’t really tell the whole story anymore. We want our mission to continue, to help as many Children as possible, and I believe the rebrand puts us in a better position to make an even greater impact. 

“The journey has been an incredible one so far and we plan continuing to enjoy the journey, alongside all the other members of the Kixx family.”

Any parents, schools, teachers or children wishing to learn more about the Kixx programmes, just visit