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Local Charity Ready For 2021

Doncaster Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Service (DRASACS) is determined to continue its growth and support even more people than ever before this year.

“People have needed DRASACS support for many years, and the pandemic hasn’t changed that,” explains Kevin Hill, chief executive officer for DRASACS.

Explains Kevin: “Our Doncaster offices remained open throughout 2020 to help those who needed us during the various lockdown periods, and we will be doing exactly the same in 2021.

“There are various ways to cope with the trauma of current and previous sexual violence. We have a long and successful history of delivering face-to-face therapy, something that we continue to do whilst adhering to strict social distancing guidelines.”

Continues Kevin: “However, what many people may not know, is that we also offer the opportunity for Doncaster residents to speak with our qualified therapists in confidence via webcam and telephone free of charge and we have done for several years.”

“The pandemic led us to offer increased opportunities for clients to work with us via telephone or webcam. Moreover, clients who were initially reluctant to switch from face-to-face have completed their therapy successfully using the phone or webcam method.”

Concludes Kevin: “I would urge anyone who needs our help not to delay accessing support for fear that we have too much demand or that Covid-secure practices won’t work for them – they absolutely will. So, please call 01302 341572 to book your first appointment with a therapist and discuss the next steps for you. If you are under 18, someone can call on your behalf.”

For all of this information and more, visit www.drasacs.org.uk