Local Plan to shape how Doncaster develops
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Local Plan to shape how Doncaster develops

The ‘Local Plan’ which will shape the future of Doncaster and support our ambitions for the borough will go before Cabinet on Tuesday 9 July.

Over 1,200 local people and businesses provided feedback during the last consultation process in autumn 2018. Feedback was also received from numerous dedicated workshops and meetings.

These comments have been carefully considered in the latest version of this crucial planning document.

A range of factors have been taken on board when assessing feedback. This includes flood risk, countryside, Green Belt, transportation, conservation and heritage and, just as importantly, the need to have potential sites which will support economic growth across the borough and meet Doncaster’s housing and development needs.

Consideration has also been given to the content of Neighbourhood Plans being developed by local communities and supported by the council as these are important and will be used to further guide development in the relevant neighbourhoods.

The Local Plan will help decide what is developed and where in Doncaster over the next 15 years. It will guide the right developments to the right places, protect and improve the environment and enhance people’s quality of life.

It will guide decisions on where new homes are built, where business developments can take place, what new transport schemes are needed and which parts of the borough remain as open space and countryside.

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, said: “The Local Plan is key for encouraging new investment and stimulating jobs and growth across our borough.

“It backs our ambitions for Doncaster by determining which sites are best for new homes and business and which areas of our natural environment and countryside we need to protect and enhance.

“It shapes the look and feel of Doncaster in the future and helps us grow our borough so we have a truly great place to live, work and enjoy.”

Preparation of this important planning document has been led by the council’s planning team. It will replace the 1998 Unitary Development Plan and 2012 Core Strategy.

Following discussion at Cabinet, and subject to approval, the Local Plan will then be considered at Full Council on Thursday 25 July. This will see a Publication version made public for technical comments. After this statutory stage, the plan will be submitted to Government for examination.

It will be next year before the Local Plan is officially approved and adopted.

More information is available at: www.doncaster.gov.uk/localplan