Local Technology Company Supports National Apprenticeship Week
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Local Technology Company Supports National Apprenticeship Week

With National Apprenticeship week currently being upon us we are taking time to celebrate our own future talent here at Holistic. We were lucky enough to recruit our first apprentice Nathan Cook last year who is making fantastic progress. He had this to say about his apprenticeship:-

“ I started my apprenticeship search back in July 2018 just after leaving college, I applied for several roles with different types of companies including Holistic IT.  The process was very easy and I found the training provider really helpful in preparing me for my interviews and understanding the process.

"The reason why I chose Holistic was I have an interest in IT outside of work, the role sounded really exciting with a chance to grow my skills and learn within a predominantly hands on I.T. environment. My role varies every day, with new clients coming on board meaning that I am constantly learning / problem solving and feel that I am becoming an integral part of the team.

My first goal is to complete my apprenticeship with the skills and understanding to becoming a level 1 / 2 IT engineer within Holistic IT.  My long term plans are to move into more of a I.T. Consultant role, learning how to work directly with clients to best advise and support their ongoing I.T. needs.”