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Logistics Hub UK: Steve Gill, chief executive of Doncaster Sheffield Airport

The Sheffield City Region is a major hub for logistics companies thanks to our ideal location, linking us to the rest of the country via road, rail and the world via air and our links to the ports.

Logistics Hub UK (LHUK) is a membership organisation set up to harness the passion for the sector, create a space for networking, for partnerships to develop and share best practice. It is also a vehicle to enable businesses to have their voice heard with the backing of other similar businesses. 

I know that when it comes to maintaining a strong and sustainable company, the recruitment of new talent, as well as the development of existing employees’ skills, plays a crucial role. That is why LHUK has been working with our members to try and find a solution to one of the most important issues facing logistics firms at the moment – skills shortage.

Identifying gaps in workforce capabilities and ensuring the company is future-proofed with a robust recruitment and training plan is essential, so having access to new talent and quality educational establishments is high on employers’ lists.

Nurturing the next generation

In the Sheffield City Region, we’re lucky to have numerous reputable colleges and universities on our doorstep, committed to nurturing the skills of the next generation and building links with local employers, with many offering specialist logistics qualifications and training courses.

Creating connections

Ensuring strong links are forged between employers and education providers plays a key role in the success of our region’s logistics sector and, as such, it’s one of the LHUK’s leading objectives.

Our regular networking events with keynote speakers from across the industry, encourage employers to work closer with colleges and universities to share knowledge and maintain the provision of skills required to keep Sheffield City Region’s logistics sector flourishing.

Addressing the issues

We know that training for smaller firms is a real issue, the length of time it takes to get someone trained and the costs can be prohibitive, we are therefore working closely with partners in LHUK to try and find solutions to this problem so that we can see a real improvement in the routes to working in the logistics sector.

Join us

The LHUK group is a membership group established to represent powerful partnership marketing for the Sheffield City Region’s logistic sector, but these events are open to everyone working in a business in the region who want to find out more about logistics and the positive way in which we are working to create a real hub and strengthen our supply chains.

If you’re interested in joining the group and would like to talk further about what Logistics Hub UK could do for you and your business, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach LHUK via email at amy@logisticshubuk.com