Middleton completes Terex material handler investment
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Middleton completes Terex material handler investment

The machine was provided by equipment supplier Warwick Ward Machinery, and will be used to handle waste from households and businesses sourced from Doncaster, Barnsley Rotherham and the wider Yorkshire region.

According to Terex, the TWH 220 uses state-of-the-art engine and cooling technology, comprising a hydrostatically driven fan for the oil cooler and a viscous-clutch driven fan for the water and charge air cooler. The manufacturer adds that this system provides silent cooling and permits operation of the machine at temperatures as high as 50°C (122°F).

Fuel economy

Guy Middleton director of CH Middleton, noted that the company had opted for the Terex machine due to its fuel economy – which is seen as important for the company’s green credentials.

He said: ”One of the main reasons for going ahead with the Terex were the new tier 4-engines that give smooth power accompanied with excellent fuel economy and low emissions, which is in keeping with our profile as being as green as possible.

“Due to the hours the machine will be working, our operators were involved heavily in the decision making process as they will be sitting in the seat all day every day. They found the Terex the most comfortable, controllable and stable machine by a large margin, meaning that even on a long shift, fatigue would be kept to a minimum.

“The other critical factor for our business was reliability and after sales I feel that the Terex material handlers build quality accompanied with Warwick Ward’s 50 years experience in after-sales was a perfect combination.”

Founded in 1959, CH Middleton provides waste and recycling services and skip hire across Yorkshire.

Warwick Ward Machinery was founded in 1970 and stocks a range of waste and recycling equipment, from manufacturers including Terex and Ecohog as well as construction machinery and spare parts. The business has offices in Yorkshire and the Midlands.

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