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Image of the tree top fields at Bawtry Paintball Fields

National SME Enterprise Award for Bawtry Paintball Fields

Bawtry Paintball Fields has been awarded the National SME Enterprise Award for Best Paintball Centre 2018 – UK.  This award was presented at the Annual Yorkshire & Humber Awards.

This is in addition to receiving over 1000 5-Star reviews on Trip Advisor being the most reviewed activity centre in the UK and the highest rated on Trip Advisor

About BPF:

Bawtry Paintball Fields opened in 1999 with the aim to develop a facility that took paintball to a whole new level, offering the best facilities, safety and customer service in the UK. Other activities have been added and how has an established excellent reputation within the industry.

In 2003 the site was extended to include the whole of Bawtry Forest increasing the area to 720 acres making it the biggest multi-activity centre in Europe.

This expansion and development has continued with a range of activities now being offered including laser combat, target, field and zombie archery, tomahawk axe and knife throwing, rifle shooting and mini tank battles. An aerial adventure tree trekking course is also planned for 2019.

It is the only venue in the world to have a tree-top fortress comprising of 1500ft of elevated runways, linking 13 towers that stand up to 53ft tall.

It also boasts the biggest bridge in any paintball UK game spanning 103ft x 27ft high.
The only activity centre to have a Predator who’s released into paintball and laser games throughout the day. He stands over 7ft tall and has motion sensors fitted to his helmet so if players move while he’s close by he identifies them as a threat and eliminates them by shooting them.

In 2017, 4 mini tanks fitted with paintball guns were added.

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