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Network guru joins AMRC

The co-founder of one of Sheffield’s most successful business networking platforms has joined the AMRC.

Alan Lyons, who had a key role in the formative years of Creative Sheffield and co-founded The Lyons Den, has joined the AMRC to lead its network engagement strategy with the region’s small and medium sized manufacturers.

He will be complementing the work of company engagement manager, Shirley Harrison, to raise the profile of the AMRC in the manufacturing sector.

The Lyons Den networking group was set up with entrepreneur Kevin Parkin, who is best known for bringing Davy Markham back from the brink.

Lyons played a role in the £63m investment in a 20,000 tonne press that kept Firth Rixson (now Arconic) headquartered in Sheffield.

He said: "That was one of my proudest achievements. That and getting this role at the AMRC."

"The AMRC is the jewel in the region’s crown, but some manufacturers think it is far too expensive and exclusive a jewel for them to wear.

"My role is to change that perception and to show them that the skills and talents of the AMRC are available to all."

Parkin added: "Alan doesn’t do pomp and ceremony. Like the AMRC he is too busy getting things done."

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